Featured Carillon Projects

Alfred University, Alfred, NY

This carillon was composed of bells of various European founders, some of the bells purportedly very old (1600’s-1700’s); research conducted in recent years both at the University and in Europe has pretty conclusively determined that at least some of them were made in the early 20th century, by founders not connected with the historic foundry whose name is on the bells. Other bells, particularly in the treble register, may perhaps be authentic, and others have no inscriptions, but were of assorted scales, and indifferent tuning. In the Spring of 2006, we furnished twenty (20) new treble bells, including new cast iron ball clappers with ball bearing headpieces, to replace the bells for the highest 20 notes of the instrument; these, for the first time, give it a consistent treble for the highest 1 1/2 octaves. Further tonal improvements are planned for the future. (www.alfred.edu/map/carillon.html)

Casting of several new trebles
Some of the larger replacement trebles with their new clappers
The new trebles arrive at the tower
The new clappers on site ready for installation