Featured Carillon Projects

Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, MI

This large English instrument (Taylor)was originally installed in the 1920’s. In the mid 1970’s, the original founder replaced the upper 33 bells of the carillon, adding at the time two more trebles. In the 1990’s, we provided a complete redesign of the placement of the bells, transmission system and clappers and bell fittings, under a sub-contract to another firm. We also built new Meeks, Watson & Company playing and practice keyboards for this restoration project. While this was underway, the smallest 30 of the English bells were sent us for tuning, and we made such improvements as were possible with the existing profiles. This work was quite effective for many of these bells, but there were those remaining that, because of their profiles or original tuning, could not be improved. The Christ Church Organ and Carillon Committee finally decided to commission us to recast fourteen (14) of these bells, which was completed in the Spring of 2001. This instrument was also featured in recital during the 2001 Congress of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America. (www.christchurchcranbrook.org/instruments.html)

The Cranbrook playing keyboard, with adjustable bench, finished in our keyboard shop at Georgetown
The Cranbrook playing keyboard installed in the tower playing room
The Cranbrook practice keyboard in the tower playing room