Featured Carillon Projects

Kirk in the Hills, Bloomfield Hills, MI

This was a major refitting project for the world’s largest carillon in number of bells (77 bells), and our work included a new playing keyboard, complete new radial playing action, and new cast iron clappers for all bells (including external keyboard hammers for the five bells of the peal), and a completely new and improved arrangement of the 64 bells located above the playing cabin, including a new treble framework. At the same time, a new glass-walled playing cabin was built by others, including new lighting, and a new HVAC system; the formerly unfinished practice floor in the tower was finished as a combined practice room and library, and named in memory of former Kirk carillonneur and organist Dr. Frederick Marriott. The general renovation of the manual playing system of the carillon was completed in early Summer, 1999. In the next phase, we built new electric swingers and fittings for the peal (five basses including the bourdon, the actual notes G2, B2, D3, E3 and G3), installed in December, 1999; the new practice keyboard was delivered in February, 2000. A new electrical striking system for 36 of the bells, with interconnection to the chancel organ console, was also completed in 2000, rounding out this comprehensive renovation/refitting program. This instrument was featured during the 2001 Congress of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America. (Bourdon of carillon, G2, approx. 12,000 lbs.) (www.kirkinthehills.org/templates/cuskirkinthehills/details.asp?id=25103&PID=101280&Style=)

View of the formal gardens from the playing room level
Largest playing keyboard in the World, 77 active notes
Detail view of Kirk playing keyboard
Rear view of playing keyboard, showing ball bearing rockers for connections to 13 heaviest basses below playing cabin
Largest practice keyboard in the World, built by Meeks, Watson & Company and installed in the Frederick Marriot Memorial Library in the Apostles Tower, Kirk in the Hills
A view of the practice instrument from the stairs to the playing cabin