Featured Carillon Projects

Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, PA

We added six bells to this carillon, reframed and rehung 18 of the existing bells, furnished new radial action for the upper two octaves and built and installed a new North American Standard playing keyboard in 1996. In 2000, we built a new ball-bearing playing action for the lowest two octaves of this four-octave instrument, and installed this action prior to the Congress of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America in June of that year. In 2003 we cast twelve bells to replace a like number of treble bells of thin scale that were retired; at the same time, we provided new clappers for all but the four largest original bells; these larger clappers were installed in 2005, and two more treble bells were replaced. At this writing, the instrument now contains 29 bells by Gillett & Johnston, 1926, and 20 bells cast by our firm. In 2007, a new low C#3 bell was ordered, which will be installed in early 2008. (www.mercersburg.edu/student_life/chapel_and_spirituality/carillon)

The Bryan Barker Tower containing The Swoope Carillon, Mercersburg Academy
Three of the treble beams showing a number of the Meeks, Watson & Company bells
A view of these treble beams from outside the frame; the headstocks of the third level bells may be seen below. These bells were re-arranged for better action access, and rehung with new clappers, headpieces and stainless steel bolts, as were the bells of all the lower levels