Featured Carillon Projects

Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX
The Redwine Carillon

This three octave carillon was cast by Petit & Fritsen of The Netherlands in the 1950’s; the playing action, bell frame and keyboard were considerably deteriorated by the end of the century, and the University asked a consultant to write up a recommended specification for the refitting of the instrument. Our proposal was accepted, and we designed and built a new bell frame, taking the opportunity to make a better arrangement of the bells to permit a new radial design playing action. We furnished new cast iron ball clappers and all new bell fittings for all bells, and new playing and practice keyboards. The project included casting and tuning two new bells to fill the two omitted bass semitones, made to special patterns to match the existing basses. We also built new electric strikers to permit the sounding of the Westminster chime and hour strike under control of a computer running our proprietary BellControls software. The Texas Regional Gathering of carillonneurs met here in 2004, after completion of the project, and partner Richard Watson was invited to speak to the group about the renovation project. (http://web.mwsu.edu/carillon/index.asp)

One of the larger bells comes out of the tower...
...And arrives at our trailer for the trip to Georgetown