Featured Peal Projects

Church of the Annunciation, Altamonte Springs, Florida

(http://annunciationfl.catholicweb.com/) For this new parish church, in the Diocese of Orlando, we furnished one large swinging bell, used for call to Mass, funeral tolling, the Angelus and for the hour strike; we also furnished four stationary-mounted bells with internal electric strikers which play a special quarter chime tune based upon the Lourdes Hymn, Immaculate Mary, which we arranged specially to be sounded on these bells. The bells are F3, 1,932 lbs., C4, 657 lbs., F4, 340 lbs., G4, 260 lbs. and A4, 195 lbs. The bells were installed in 2002. The large swinging tenor bell is installed in the upper bell chamber; the four quarter-chime bells are mounted stationary on pipe drops in the lower chamber; these latter bells have electric strikers mounted completely within the bell. The tenor is furnished with an external electric tolling hammer. The bells are operated by our computer-based proprietary BellControls software, the computer being conveniently located in the church sacristy.

Tenor in upper chamber,
with stationary bells for chime in lower chamber