Featured Peal Projects

Our Lady of the Rock Priory, Shaw Island, Washington

(http://ourladyoftherock.com/) For this free-standing wooden tower, adjacent the chapel, we made a 3-bell “Te Deum” pattern peal, E4--G4--A4 in 1997, total weight of bells 825 lbs. The bells are rope-rung, the ropes being led via pulleys under the chapel eaves, so that the bells can be rung from an ante-room, out of the weather. The location is on one of the San Juan Islands, nearly the most Northwesterly point in the contiguous United States, which may be reached by ferry from Bellingham on the mainland, or via air. This priory was founded by sisters from the Abbey of Regina Laudes, at Bethlehem, Connecticut, where we tuned their four-bell peal a few years earlier.